RheinEnergieStadion w Kolonii

The RES Köln stadium was built on the site of the two previous Müngersdorfer stadiums. The stadium has 50,000 seats, including 1,800 business seats. The architecture of the football stadium in Cologne, a symbol of the city's identity, derives its geometry from the orthogonal ensemble of the historic brick colonnade of the 1920s and the roof construction with four towers. The floating roof is only connected to the grandstands by a small "pressure and swinging" bracket. A glass wall protecting against wind increases comfort on the first floor, while maintaining a clear separation between the steel roof and the concrete prefabricated stands. The Stadium in Cologne combines new nonfootball usage such as congress, Fan-Gastronomy, Fan-Mall and Panoramic View.
The vision4venue team was involved in the design and construction process, and since 2004 has been an advisor to the operational concepts and expansion of the stadiums.

Interactive view from inside

Detailed project data

Type of project Stadium
Time 2001 - May 2004
Client Kölnersportstätten GmbH
Extension and operation concept vision4venue
Cost € 120 Mio
Type of use Football (Multifunctional)
Capacity 50.000
Business seats 1.800
VIP Boxs 48
Team members

Florian Hupfer

Gerhard Hupfer



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