Designing / Architectural structure

Experienced and creative architects of vision4venue design stadiums, arenas and other venues to the wishes and ideas of our clients. Thereby we perfectly combine the principle of functionality, aesthetics, and the passion for sports.

General planning

Our team of experienced architects and project managers takes over the complete planning of your project. This includes among other things the structure planning, mechanical and electrical design, and roof construction.

Master planning

Every site, city or region has its own specific conditions and requires innovative and sustainable solutions to create a harmonious look. One of the most important topic is the infrastructure. Firstly access roads, parking spaces and routes of pedestrian pathways and cycling tracks have to be planned. The experienced team of vision4venue develops strategies to interconnect systems such as transport, energy and information.

Structure / Execution

Architects and engineers of vision4venue are highly qualified to offer competent solutions regarding to scheduling and budgeting. Furthermore our team of experienced architects and project managers consider all aspects of the economical contruction process.

Interior design

The interior design of sports venues designed by vision4venue impresses by functionality and aesthetic. Materials, colors and textures adjusted to their individual uses enhance the users’ experience and create a unique atmosphere.


Venue consulting

vision4venue provides professional consulting regarding the planning, construction and operational management of sports venues. Clients profit from the continuous cost optimization during operation and sustainable concepts.

Feasibility studies

The success of capital investment projects depends on various factors. In particular sports venues require special attention and benefit from detailed analysis weighing positive and negative results. Prefeasibility studies ensure a realistic assessment and, as appropriate, show up alternatives.

Construction consulting

Sports venues such as stadiums and arenas represent complex construction projects that require optimally planned concepts on the issues of static, fire protection or architectural acoustics. Furthermore, escape routes, insulation and sound immission have to be taken into account. Besides vision4venue offers prefabricated constructions for roofs and building services.


Project Management

Costs / Budget control

Long-term and global experience make vision4venue a competent partner for sustainable and economical construction. Our team of experienced architects and project managers offers accurate solutions to control the construction budget and operational expenses.

Time management

Time is money – and an experienced team of architects and projects is the key to develop an efficient and realistic timetable. Besides vision4venue provides continuous control and actu-alization of interim goals to guarantee the smooth operation and the success of the project.

Project Management

Value engineering

Value engineering takes into consideration the factors such as sustainability, functionality, costs and time. Clients profit from the optimization of the value and benefit with minimal deployment of resources.

Venue Operations

Operational concept

Along the operational process we will assist you in a wide spectrum of sports venues disciplines including management, safety, sustainability and many others. Our team of experienced architects and project managers offers a comprehensive advice regarding to the challenges you are facing to run an economically sustainable sports venue.

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies have the aim to achieve the maximum profit potential and a sustainable competitive advantage. vision4venue offers concepts to promote sports venues and other related issues to develop a profitable relationship with their costumers.

Venue Operations

Catering concept

Sports and catering are inseparably linked. Thus an efficient catering concept is of great importance for every sports venue. On the basis of a well determined catering concept vision4venue assists to optimize workflows concerning the administration, maintenance and services.