Ice Hockey Arena Jihlava

The aim of the competition was to create a space for the local ice hockey team and for cultural events like concerts.

The building has a shape of a rounded rectangle. It was designed to create a coheret space with the existing green area.

Jihlava Ice hockey arena consist of a main hall where the ice rink is located with its all facilities like foyer, ticketing, kiosks, fun shops, changing rooms for player, referees, press rooms etc. and a smaller ice rink for warming up before the match with a small gym and hotel rooms.
The building has two entrances: Main entrance from the street (0 level) and from the park (1 level).
Our sports hall seats approx. 5.300 visitors and 520 VIPs during the ice hockey events and around 6.700 while the concerts take place.

Detailed project data

Project Arena (Competition)
Project Period Oct 2019
Construction Costs € 30 Mio. 
Sport use Ice Hockey Arena/Multifunctional Arena
Capacity 5.300 - 6.700
Business seats 526
Sky boxes 7
Event boxes 2
Team members

Atelier M1

Florian Hupfer

Gerhard Hupfer

Martyna Piosik

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