Residential Stadium

The starting point for the design was stadium for over 50,000 spectators designed in accordance with FIFA regulations. The stadium is equipped with an underground parking lot and all necessary facilities. The remodeling project assume use of existing construction and stadium geometry, maintaining the existing function but in smaller size. Building achieved 71915 m2 of usable area. 

The object was divided into four independent functions: 

43% SPORT - stadium for 10,000 spectators with VIP zone and facilities Fitness club


19% RETAIL - mall, restaurants 

5% RENT – offices, medical center 

Access to individual functions has been planned so as to minimize the collisions. Residential stadium contains 372 apartments which can accommodate 756 habitants. Housing design assumes a match for each type of client. Offer including studios, 1-,2-,3-rooms apartments and double-level lofts located on the last floor level. Part of the grandstands was keep and developed as a green terraces. Access to lower ring is unlimited but the higher ring is intended for habitants and office workers. During the soccer games access to terraces from mall is limited so only the spectators can entrance there, which helps to maintain order and security while both functions work.

Detailed project data

Competition Finalist
Project Period Nov 2018
Sport use Football
Capacity 55.000
Another use Stadium + residential
Capacity 10.000
Number of residents 756
Team Florian Hupfer
Gerhard Hupfer
Martyna Piosik
Aga Bebynek-Bielanska

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