Ratiopharm Arena Ulm/Neu-Ulm

Ratiopharm Arena is located in Neu-Ulm/Bavaria. It represents a new generation of arenas in Germany. It is designed to be as flexible and multifunctional as possible to create the maximum revenue for the operator. It includes eight F&B outlets, 11 hospitality boxes, one VVIP box and a party box, as well as 450 business seats.
Ratiopharm Arena is developed as a clearly structured, cubic element with minimized cladding surface and clearly readable uses. The building is deliberately positioned on the north, behind the building limit to make the entrance adequate to the high number of visitors. The spacious foyer opens to a two story windows to the forecourt. The wide VIP Lounge provides protection for the entrance area and offers a spectacular view of the cathedral tower. To ensure the optimal relationship between uses, the hall is arranged transversely. All necessary facilities are organized on three levels. The intermediate levels are for buildings technology. The hall has a maximum capacity of 5.200 seats or 6.150 seating and standing places for national and international competitions.
Handball games and other sporting events are made possible by the use of mobile stands. The concept also allows other uses, such as trade shows, conferences, conventions, dance competitions or festive balls.
A representative promenade ensures the connectivity of pitches at the entrance. For VIPs there is a covered passage available. The operating yard on the west side is delimited by 3 buildings.

Detailed project data

Type of project Arena
Project period  Jan 2010 - Dec 2012
Client City of Ulm/Neu-Ulm
Construction costs € 28 Mio. 
Sport use Basketball & Handball
Capacity 6.000 - 9.000
Business seats 450
Hospitality boxes 11
Team members

Florian Hupfer

Gerhard Hupfer

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