Bayarena Leverkusen

The Bayarena stadium was redeveloped, increasing the capacity up to 30.000. The existing stand areas on the north, west and east sides were increased to 47 rows, including an additional upper tier. New VIP and business boxes were created, as well as the Sky boxes. Hospitality was also improved, with restaurants and boxes to host 2.000 people.

The roof, with a diameter of 215m, is projected way beyond the extended stands, providing the visitors with protection from the rain even outside.

The bearing structure of the roof is based on the principle of a spooked wheel, and has a skin of Makrolon glass.

The counterpart to the tension ring, encloses the stadium at an impressive height and consist of eight individual ring segments, each with a total weight of 180 tonnes. Caterpillar cranes lifted two pressure- ring sections at a time, and the sections were then assembled and inserted into the roof ring.

The roof cover is a Makrolon triple web plate sytem developed by Bayer specially for large roofs.

Team members of vision4venue were involved in the design process, project management, were responsible for execution, and were members of the internal board for stadium roof.

Interactive view from the inside

Detailed project data

Type of project Roof
Project Period Dec 2007 – Aug 2009
Client Bayer Leverkusen
Operation and architectural concept vision4venue
Construction Costs € 70 Mio
Sport use Football
Capacity 30.000
Business seats 2.000
Team members

Florian Hupfer

Gerhard Hupfer

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