Lagos Waste

The designed sports facility is located in Lagos in the current landfill. The stadium is part of a project that revitalizes this part of the city and gives it a completely new character. The multifunctional object is designe to solve one of the many problems that Lagos is struggling with and connect the community of this city.

The stadium was designed as a multifunctional building for over 40,000 spectators. It can host athletics, football and rugby matches, trainings and concerts. The building is equipped with facilities necessary to organize various types of events - there are VIP zone and business zone, educational facilities for young sportsmen and a meeting place and organization of cultural events for residents. Each of the above functions can work independently of each other.

The roof of the stadium collects rain water, which is collected in tanks under the stands and used again for irrigation of grasslands or as gray water in toilets. Installed solar panels produce energy, which is used to heat the water in the building. During heavy rain, the roof of the stadium can be completely closed, providing protection for the players.

Detailed project data

Type of project Stadium
Project Period Dec 2018
Sport use Football, Rugby, Athletic
Capacity 40.000

Florian Hupfer

Gerhard Hupfer

Martyna Piosik

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