Stadium Craiova

The current Ion Oblemenco Stadium in Craiova has the capacity for only 7.000 spectators. Therefore the city of Craiova needed a new stadium with a higher capacity and more comfort, and which will replace the old one. The new stadium project for 30.000 spectators represents a modern form in the city of Craiova. The new stadium will have covered sitting places for all the spectators, also resolving the sun-shading problem of the old stadium. The facade of the new building is represented as a raised curtain, welcoming the guests and visitors. The Stadium area will be around 56.900 square meters, which will include a hotel and restaurants next to the stadium. Team members of vision4venue are active consulting partners of the Craiova Stadium’s team, providing stadium know-how to the local architects and design team.

Detailed project data

Type of project Stadium
Project Period Jan 2015 – 2017
Construction Costs € 50 Mio
Sport use Football
Capacity 30.000
VIP seats 2.300
VIP skybox seats 106
Team members

Florian Hupfer

Gerhard Hupfer

Laura Rodriguez

Paula Arenales

Jovana Ladic

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