Concert Hall in Plock

The project was a request from the mayor of city Płock for a concert hall - a space where concerts of classical music will take place.

The concert hall was designed to become a driver of community change, with activity focused not only on the hall's interior, but on its accompanying public plaza.

The building consists of a main hall for an orchestra with auditorium for 700 spectators. It has a shape of a shoebox which means a rectangular floor plan, where the stage is located at the narrow side. It was designed in a way to provide good lateral reflections and a smooth diffuse reverberant decay.

Recital hall seats 200 visitors and was designed as a multipurpose space giving a variety of configurations with a mobile auditorium and stage elements.
The building was designed with an open main lobby on the ground and first floor, underground parking and a big plaza in front as a part of a wider context.

Detailed project data

Project Concert Hall (Competition)
Project Period Aug - Oct 2019
Construction Costs € 20 Mio. 
Use Concerts
Capacity 900
Team members

Florian Hupfer

Gerhard Hupfer

Martyna Piosik

Joanna Marzoll

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